2013 Super Lawyers New York Times



We are game changers. Attorneys whose presence dramatically alters the dynamics of a transaction or litigation. Our lawyers are some of the finest in New York City. We are a full service, multidisciplinary, boutique law firm that has secured and negotiated multi-million dollar settlements and transactions on behalf of our clients in litigation, real estate, corporate and intellectual property matters. In litigation, our firm’s success rate is exceptional. While justice may be blind, we are pleased it often sees things our way. We command respect and reverence from our peers and adversaries alike and continue to maintain the highest possible rating of “AV” by Martindale-Hubbell, the country’s leading lawyer rating service.

Our philosophy is simple. Put people first. Always. On every assignment we undertake, we are motivated by one consistent goal – to understand our client’s objectives and work with each client as if we had no other. Our clients welcome this approach and have helped build our sterling reputation for substantive contributions to their business. Our part in earning that reputation has been founded on knowing our clients business, so they don’t have to teach us about it. These are values that enhance value.

We are privileged to work with the world’s most recognized, reputable and respected individuals and institutions. Unwilling simply to answer the questions, we persist in questioning the answers until our clients are satisfied with the result. There is no nobility in apathy. We not only identify with our clients’ matters but align ourselves 100% with their goals and concerns so that they are never alone. Our mathematics is simple, our clients + us = 1.

Our firm continues to be instrumental in the groundbreaking development of case law in New York with its involvement in seminal and novel issues. Many of the complex and exciting matters which we have been involved have been prominently reported in such distinctive publications as The New York Law Journal, The New York Times, The New York Daily News, The New York Post and The Real Deal as well as chronicled in federal and state reported cases, news profiles, magazines and various legal treatises, journals and internet sites.

We continue to reflect on our accomplishments with a deep and dual sense of gratitude and humility. As always, we gratefully acknowledge the ever-present and beneficial hand of the One above for the numerous and wondrous blessings with which He has favored us. We are privileged to be one of New York City’s preeminent firms and honored to be recognized as Super Lawyers®.