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If you are interested in a position with our law firm in New York, kindly forward
your resume directly to:

Jonathan Lynn Esq.
Recruitment Coordinator
Oved & Oved LLP
401 Greenwich Street
New York, New York 10013


The excellence, experience and caliber of the individuals that comprise our New York City law firm is a continuing testament to our unceasing efforts to attract, acquire and retain the best possible talent available on behalf of our clients. In addition to actively seeking and recruiting entry level and lateral attorneys at various levels, the Firm also boasts a long-standing and successful clerkship program. Many of our entry-level associates have completed this program.

The Firm is committed to preeminence in the full spectrum of legal services it provides its clients. It concentrates and combines the stability and professionalism of leading large firms with the flexibility and agility of a rapidly expanding smaller firm. The firm is unique in that it allows each individual to become personally involved in all facets of the matters they are working on while simultaneously providing the support and assistance necessary to ensure that the best possible work product is delivered in the most efficient manner. Close client contact is certain.

We seek candidates that are interested in working at one of the premier boutique law firms in New York City, with excellent personal and professional growth opportunities, significant lifestyle advantages, and the opportunity to independently manage their own case load. We are actively seeking candidates that seek a long-term relationship and encourage self-starting and motivated individuals who thrive in a goal-oriented atmosphere and possess excellent written and oral communication skills as well as those individuals who can actively and independently manage their case loads from inception through commencement while working within a team.

Oved & Oved LLP regularly recruits experienced New York City lawyers to join our firm and continue our healthy expansion. We support lateral associates through a specific lateral associate training program (the “Program”). The Program is designed to help ensure that a lateral transfer receives the mentoring and access to resources during the first few months at the firm so they can integrate quickly and enjoy successful careers at Oved & Oved LLP.

In addition, the firm is always searching for talented people to fill various staff positions including receptionists, secretaries, assistants and law clerks.

We would like you to make your mark and become a part of Oved & Oved LLP’s historic and recognized variety of experience that has enabled us to develop a diverse and stimulating environment in which to practice law.

While the firm generally seeks to fill its entry level requirements through its multiple Clerkship Programs, we do accept resumes from interested third-year law students as well.

One of the firm’s core values is a commitment to continuous learning and professional development. This commitment is reflected in the training programs provided during the Clerkship Program. Our Clerkship Program Co-Chairs work closely with the firm’s Managing Partner to develop a schedule of training programs designed specifically for our Law Clerks. You are encouraged to participate in as many programs as you would like — regardless of practice area — to acquire a broad range of skills.

You will be challenged.
Our associates focus keenly on serving our clients, whose aspirations and challenges fuel our legal work and professional growth. This superior level of service requires an enormous commitment of time and energy from every associate. Your reward is accelerated experience and the finely honed professionalism that is the trademark of our firm.

You will lead.
Though, complex cases demand the best ideas our Firm can muster. There is no bench to warm here: Our Law Clerks get into the game right away, and they take the lead on key aspects of important cases. Leading while you learn is challenging, but it builds knowledge faster. We’ll give you all the responsibility you can accept, as quickly as you earn it.

You will be part of a team.
Our firm is dynamic because we foster collaboration and competition in equal measure. Our competitive spirit is externally focused – earning clients’ trust by delivering a level of counsel other firms cannot match. We gain our winning marketplace edge by nurturing a collaborative, inclusive working style inside the Firm. Your teammates will count on you for your best ideas, and encourage you to stretch beyond your limits.

The Oved & Oved LLP Clerkship Program is designed to expose law students to the culture and core values that we share and to provide such student with a taste of the experience of working at our Firm. Our goal each year is to recruit a diverse and talented class that will ultimately join us as entry level associates.

The Firm seeks lawyers for employment who possess outstanding intelligence and maintain a firm commitment to excellence. We seek to hire individuals who will thrive from our unique combination of sophisticated legal work and boutique firm atmosphere.

We have built a consistent system with clear restraints but give our attorneys and staff responsibility within the framework of that system. We seek to hire self-disciplined lawyers who do not need to be managed and then manage the system, not the people. We have found that when you have disciplined people, you do not need bureaucracy. When you have disciplined action you do not need excessive controls. By seeking, retaining and integrating these talented individuals into the firm, we are able to achieve a spectacular alchemy of superior performance and sustainable results.

Our New York lawyers have interesting and varied backgrounds. Many have completed judicial clerkships or worked for the government. Others come to us with experience as leaders in public interest organizations, as in-house counsel or as successful attorneys at some of the top law firms New York City hosts. We attract candidates who are looking for:
Sophisticated work.

Top notch training and professional development

A diverse, collegial work environment. An employer that values team work, collaboration and strategic thinking. Serving the community through pro bono opportunities and public service work.