Professional Affiliations

Professional Affiliations

The excellence, experience and caliber of our New York City attorneys are a continuing testament to our unceasing efforts to attract, acquire and retain the best possible talent available on behalf of our clients. In addition to actively seeking and recruiting entry-level and lateral attorneys at various levels, the firm also boasts a long-standing and successful clerkship program. Many of our entry-level associates have completed this program.

The firm is committed to preeminence in the full spectrum of legal services it provides its clients. It concentrates and combines the stability and professionalism of leading large firms with the flexibility and agility of a rapidly expanding smaller firm. The firm is unique in that each attorney is given the opportunity to become personally involved in all facets of the matters on which they are working. Simultaneously, the firm provides its attorneys and staff the requisite support and assistance necessary to ensure that the best possible work product is delivered in the most efficient manner. Close client contact is certain.


We are among the preeminent law firms in New York City. Our firm philosophy is simple. We believe in putting people first. Always. Which is why at Oved & Oved LLP we never forget that a large part of being a human being is simply being human. In every department of our firm, on every assignment we undertake, we are motivated by one consistent goal – to understand our client’s objectives and to work with each client as if we had no other. We seek to serve our clients as counselors in the broadest sense, offering strategic advice and formulating creative solutions in a timely and cost-effective fashion. To accomplish this, we immerse ourselves in a client’s specific, immediate concerns while seeking a thorough understanding of the business and personal context in which these concerns arise. Our clients welcome this approach and value our creative spirit, solution-oriented approach and unwavering commitment to the highest professional standards. They have helped build our sterling reputation for insightful counseling, timely advice and constructive contributions to their business. Our part in earning that reputation has been founded on knowing our clients’ business, so they don’t have to teach us about it.

We take pride in the fact that, unlike the way in which matters are handled at most law firms, our attorneys not only remain actively involved in performing the legal services our clients need, but also serve as "relationship managers" for our clients. We are driven by a passion for getting our clients’ business done, wherever that business takes them, and providing legal services and expertise in a wide range of practices that are important to our clients.


We do not bill our clients for routine expenses that we consider our cost of doing business. These nonbillable expenses include routine telephone, copying, faxing, postal and word processing charges. We do, however, bill, at our cost, for extraordinary expenditures such as conference calls and extensive long distance and international telephone charges, copying job charges, court filing fees, messenger and courier services and computerized legal research charges. The firm is committed to the expert and cutting edge use of state-of-the-art technology, telecommunications and information systems to effectively service our clients’ needs. When using third party services, we endeavor to work with the best quality, lowest priced vendors.