Oved & Oved LLP is widely recognized as having a highly successful appellate practice. The creativity, skill, experience, and tenacity that our lawyers bring to the trial court have enabled us to build one of the nation’s premier litigation firms. Those same qualities make us just as effective in the courts of appeals, whether defending our victories, or challenging adverse rulings, in the courts below. Recognizing our ability to grasp quickly the essential facts of even the most complex and challenging cases, clients also have hired us to represent them on appeal after using a different firm in the trial court. Appellate practice requires skills far different from those at the trial level. The objectives and audience are different, and the time frame much tighter. Skilled trial representation is only part of the equation to ensure that our client’s litigation needs are fully covered. An essential component in any litigation strategy involves thinking past the trial, before it even begins, to the likely appeal.

Our attorneys handle appeals in state and federal courts, both in cases in which we represented a party in the lower court and in cases where we have been brought in specifically for our appellate court proficiency. The firm has been appellate counsel for a wide variety of clients, presenting a range of constitutional, statutory, and common law claims and defenses.

Our attorneys know the substantive law, understand the rules and procedures and can quickly absorb the technical and specialized aspects of complex cases. We have experience handling appellate emergencies that often arise.