Oved & Oved LLP’s Arbitration, Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution practice encompasses arbitrations covering a broad range of industries and areas of the law. Cases we have handled recently have included general commercial disputes, insurance and reinsurance matters, securities claims, intellectual property issues, distribution agreements and real estate partnership disputes.

The firm has extensive experience representing clients in domestic arbitrations, including proceedings administered by the AAA, International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR), JAMS and FINRA. Our lawyers have considerable experience with a broad range of alternative dispute resolution procedures. For example, we have successfully represented parties in a large number of institutional, ad hoc and court annexed mediations.

Many of our lawyers also regularly serve as arbitrators or mediators in both international and domestic proceedings. We provide a full range of services associated with international and domestic arbitration, including:

  • Counseling regarding the most appropriate choice of contractual dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Drafting of proper arbitration and other types of dispute-resolution clauses.
  • Handling proceedings to enforce agreements to arbitrate.
  • Selecting experienced and qualified arbitrators.
  • Enforcing or seeking to vacate arbitral awards.

We are constantly at the leading edge of arbitration, mediation and ADR. There are many potential remedies for disputes, and our attorneys develop the best solution for each client and each dispute. Our long-standing commitment to resolve disputes efficiently is accomplished through our experience in mediation, arbitration and other ADR practices. Our attorneys move easily between traditional litigation, arbitration, mediation and ADR, and our excellence in this area has grown to match our renowned courtroom capabilities.

We work with clients that voluntarily seek ADR and those ordered by a court to try it as an alternative to litigation. In either case, our goal is to help our clients craft an agreement that will work and keep them out of costly litigation.

We are skilled in providing a customized plan for any dispute that utilizes the best methods for concluding our clients case with a desired outcome. Tough trial law tactics are only one of the options available. It is only sensible to explore the best alternative to take for maximizing the outcome through settlement at the planning stage of a case. We custom design a mediation, arbitration or hybrid solution in order to develop an environment that enhances the likelihood of an agreeable resolution to our clients’ dispute.


As an alternative to trial in which the parties to a dispute are allowed to make their own rules of evidence, discovery and procedure, our clients can benefit from the typically less formal but extremely effective method for achieving desired results when it is properly utilized. We have the skills and experience to provide our clients with an arena for obtaining a more binding award that is much less capable of being appealed, due to applicable federal laws.


Our clients benefit from having counsel that has completed advanced training in the processes of mediation and counsel that knows how best to use the process of mediation for their benefit. We custom tailor our approach to meet each individual situation by first analyzing in depth the unique aspects of the dispute, the personality types and the underlying interests of each party. Mediation is a discipline requiring significant training, whether in order to properly represent a party as an advocate, or to serve as a mediator to third parties.


When a dispute will be ongoing, our services include providing training for the client, to better enable our clients to manage the negotiation on an ongoing basis for an indefinite future. This training, as a supplement to assisting in a particular dispute, whether litigated or otherwise, gives our clients an arsenal of resources to fall back on.