The Immigration and Nationality Practice Group represents individuals, corporations and their employees in all areas of immigration, nationality and consular law. Our representation includes obtaining work authorizations and visas to enable companies to hire aliens or transfer personnel between nations; compliance with, and defense of, anti-discrimination and unlawful immigration practices; and advice and appearances in special circumstance matters such as asylum claims and removal proceedings. Much of the work involves obtaining appropriate non-immigrant or immigrant visas to enable corporations to transfer executives, managers, persons with specialized knowledge or other key personnel temporarily or permanently to the United States.

The business visa practice also involves assisting clients who file applications and petitions for the basic non-immigrant business visas: B-1 business visitors, E-1 treaty traders, E-2 treaty investors, H temporary workers, L-1 intracompany transferees, O for aliens of extraordinary ability and P for performing artists, athletes and entertainers.

We have broad experience in obtaining immigrant visas based on occupation or profession. Our attorneys have prepared successful self-petitions for extraordinary scientists, doctors, coaches, and artists. We have obtained national interest waivers for researchers despite the increasing difficulty of the legal criteria. Our attorneys have also developed expertise in obtaining waivers of the two-year foreign residence requirement of J-1 visas on hardship and agency sponsorship grounds. We are proficient in the reduction of recruitment to streamline the traditional labor certification process. We also assist persons desiring to come to the United States to make investments who are not otherwise eligible to enter the United States as E-2 treaty investors. We also assist in obtaining family-related immigrant visas, changing non-immigrant status and adjusting status from non-immigrant to immigrant.

Another major area of our corporate immigration practice involves counseling clients with respect to avoiding sanctions for employing unauthorized aliens and avoiding charges of discrimination because of citizenship status. As a result of the enactment of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, the Immigration and Nationality Act has become a full-scale employment law affecting virtually every person, citizen and alien alike, in the United States. Employers must, on an informed basis, navigate between sanctions and discrimination. We conduct audits of employment verification forms and provide specific counsel with respect to employment authorization and anti-discrimination matters. We also draft indemnification agreements as part of merger and acquisition transactions and conducts due diligence reviews with respect to potential employer sanction liability.

We also counsel clients with respect to Department of Labor audits and investigations dealing with labor condition applications, prevailing wage requests and labor certifications. In an era of technological and individual globalization, we can assist U.S. employers in attracting and retaining the best and the brightest regardless of national origin.