Oved & Oved LLP has the experience, practical knowledge and precision necessary to draft, negotiate, and prepare the appropriate agreement to maximize return on your intellectual property rights. Our team will help to create a strategy that protects your intellectual property from theft and infringement and avoids the pitfalls of unfair competition laws or poorly drafted language which can render intellectual property rights unenforceable. Our litigation team is also experienced in the complex actions that can result from breaches of licensing agreements or the unlawful appropriation of your intellectual property and we have successfully litigated such matters in both federal and state courts.

We are actively involved in domestic and international licensing and have acted as licensing counsel for our many fashion, manufacturing, furniture and industrial design clients, as both licensor and licensee, in a substantial number of licensing transactions. In addition to traditional trademark and copyright licensing, the firm is also active in “private label” licensing projects involving many specialty and mass market retailers.

Licensing agreements, manufacturing agreements and Internet (or e-commerce) agreements are vital to today’s businesses so that clients can capitalize upon and exploit their intellectual property rights. Many companies rely heavily on the revenues and royalties they receive from licensed products and thus the protection of the intellectual property itself has become a principal concern.

Whether your business owns the intellectual property or is acquiring rights to the intellectual property, it is important to be represented by attorneys experienced in such transactions. The licensing of your intellectual property carries with it both great rewards as well as the potential for devastating risk to your brand, trademark, patent, or company. Representing both licensors and licensees, our licensing attorneys work to provide strategies that protect and maximize the value of your intellectual property and associated rights while simultaneously providing for avoidance of litigation and future unnecessary costs.

Our team has been involved in licensing arrangements within an array of industries including fashion and apparel, retail, media, entertainment, nightlife, restaurants, and technology startups among others.