Oved & Oved LLP is a legal pioneer in the development of New York City’s Nightlife Industry earning its venerated reputation through years of representing the most exclusive nightlife brands and establishments including first class, ultra-exclusive nightclubs, lounges and jardins de atmosphere in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami as well as South America and the Middle East. We are privileged to count among our clients some of the world’s renowned nightlife venues as well as many of the A-List promoters and DJ’s that are the pulse of the velvet rope nightlife scene. In addition, we are privileged to be a member of the New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA) as well as the New York Nightlife Association (NYNA).

We are one of the industry’s foremost legal experts, serving as deft deal makers and translators between the business, legal and hospitality worlds. We have advised some of the most successful, high profile projects in New York and beyond. We believe that the experience, breadth and depth of Oved & Oved LLP’s Nightlife Industry practice is unmatched by any other law firm.

Brand Development

Every successful nightlife venue has a brand and marketing strategy that includes multi-media components over a range of platforms. Our Nightlife Industry Practice attorneys work with our clients as they devise the strategy that works best for them by structuring the deals that will maximize brand exposure and minimize associated risks. Our attorneys’ experience in and familiarity with every platform enables them to navigate the legal and business hurdles that confront our clients as they consider their legal, business, marketing and promotion alternatives.

Business Formation

From the inception, our attorney’s meet with the visionary entrepreneurs and advise them on the optimum choice of legal entity through which to own and operate their nightclub. Whether through an S-corp., LLC, Limited Partnership, General Partnership or any combination of the foregoing, we routinely advise, counsel and instruct our client’s on how best to proceed to achieve their objectives.

Deal Structure

We work with our clients in developing the specifics of each transaction and then painstakingly draft, define, refine and finalize this vision, often through countless drafts and negotiations, into an Operating Agreement or Shareholders Agreement that is true to both our client and the transaction. We handle all aspects of the investment in a nightlife venture through preparation of the appropriate Investor Questionnaire, Subscription Agreements and other necessary and proper documentation, to insure the transaction’s legitimacy.

Purchase, Sale or Transfer

Whether a client is purchasing an existing nightclub venue, either as an asset sale or a stock purchase, or merely acquiring a minority or majority interest in a nightclub, Oved & Oved LLP’s Nightlife Practice attorneys help guide these transactions through completion. We have successfully assisted our clients in the purchase, sale or transfer of a nightclub, or part thereof, as well as arranging for the lawful and orderly transfer of any related liquor licenses.

Intellectual Property

A nightclub’s brand, trade name and trademark often develops a value independent of the nightclub itself. Accordingly, our attorneys advise and instruct our clients on all aspects of their intellectual property. We have filed hundreds of marks on behalf of our clients in the United States and throughout the world as well as assisted our clients in drafting License Agreements for the license of their intellectual property. In addition, we have been intimately involved in numerous enforcement actions, through the use of cease and desist letters and both state and federal litigation, in both Federal District Court as well the United States Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB), to preserve, protect and enforce our clients unique and valuable brands.

Lease and Purchase

We routinely represent nightclub owners in the lease, purchase, sale or transfer of real estate. We have extensive experience representing such clients in the negotiation of commercial leases and real estate agreements, handling closings and the proper transfer of a liquor license between seller and purchaser or, in some instances, landlord and tenant, to allow for the operation of the business during such transitional phase.

Liquor License Law

Although the firm does not prepare and submit liquor license applications to the State Liquor Authority (“SLA”) on behalf of our clients, our attorneys routinely work closely with these specialist attorneys on the purchase, sale or transfer of liquor licenses and assist in the defense of liquor licensees in all enforcement and litigation matters, including alleged violations of the New York State Liquor Law.

Employment Law

We regularly advise our nightclub clients on all aspects of employment matters law which are unique to nightclubs, such as their various agreements with promoters, DJ’s, and hosts and hostesses as well as in all aspects of employment-related litigation, including unemployment compensation, civil rights/discrimination and wrongful termination, before all Federal and state courts and administrative agencies.