Oved & Oved LLP’s attorneys routinely advise not-for-profit clients on the full range of legal issues affecting such groups, including antitrust, corporate, tax, intellectual property, human resource matters, Internet-related issues, real estate and litigation.

In our representation of organizations that are non-profit and exempt from taxation under the Internal Revenue Code, we are often called upon to address complex issues arising in the areas of personal planning, tax, corporate law, intellectual property, litigation, healthcare, ERISA, labor and real estate.

Exempt-organization clients include large private foundations, public charities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, universities, as well as support organizations, charitable trusts, synagogues, civic-welfare organizations and schools. This firm is proud to count among its clients many educational establishments, synagogues, nursing homes, schools, charities, foundations and various not-for-profit entities and associations who routinely seek counsel on day-to-day matters uniquely affecting them.

The firm handles all phases of the non-profit organization’s existence, including organization and recognition of exempt status, operation and the emerging area of corporate reorganization. In that connection, the firm has developed the knowledge to facilitate preparation of organization and exemption documents and has designed a system to ensure that all types of exemption that may be of interest to a client are discussed and, if appropriate, obtained. The firm has handled several federal, state and local filings and worked closely and successfully with representatives of the responsible governmental agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service, Departments of Law, Departments of State, Departments of Education, Departments of Health and various local agencies.

We represent numerous not-for-profit clients and help them navigate the legal and organizational challenges they face. Specifically, we represent such clients by:

  • Counseling them with respect to corporate and governance issues, tax issues and the traditional antitrust issues with which associations are concerned.
  • Representing them in federal and state antitrust challenges by the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission and private parties.
  • Advising them on government relations issues, including lobbying and political action committees.
  • Drafting, updating, and improving articles of incorporation, bylaws, policy manuals and other organizational documents.
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts with vendors for a variety of products and services.
  • Advising them in their fundraising, education, research and publication initiatives.
  • Forming not-for-profit affiliated entities and for-profit subsidiaries for a variety of purposes.
  • Creating license agreements for national and international distribution of products, traditional and online media, and use of trademarks.
  • Drafting and negotiating web development, licensing and other technology-related agreements.

Our attorneys pride themselves on working with clients to achieve their particular goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. We strive to provide the highest-quality legal advice and services to help advance the missions and purposes for which our not-for-profit clients were formed. Members of the Non-Profit Practice Group often work with attorneys in other practices who have a wide variety of experience in transaction and litigation issues.

The attorneys in the Non-Profit Practice group personify Oved & Oved LLP’s overall approach to client service: forging partnerships with our clients and providing the experience they need to forge innovative solutions.

After organizational matters have been concluded, our attorneys remain intimately involved with their non-profit and exempt-organization clients on an ongoing basis, providing legal advice with respect to corporate operations as needed.